PS Expert Services

ELPC Networks LTD is an IT services company that has been leading the field for 10 years, with the highest standards. Our PS team consists of qualified and skilled professionals, who have many years of experience in consulting, planning and implementing advanced solutions in different environments.

Professional Services are designed for fast growing companies and organizations that are required to perform one-off or ongoing tasks and/or projects and cannot direct their existing computing teams to these tasks in terms of availability and usually professionalism. Also, this service is suitable for companies and organizations that do not have an IT department or computing infrastructure in their company.

External PS services provide a quick go to market for any required project in the worlds of IT / information security / infrastructure / cloud infrastructure, etc., thus allowing the organization to continue to grow quickly and correctly and to focus on the company's natural growth.

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Advantages of PS services

IT PS services are mainly characterized by first-rate professionals, who have rich and professional knowledge in a variety of systems who know how to deal professionally and quickly with any challenge or need that arises from the field and without specific training that will take time and resources.

Our PS team has the relevant certifications in the field and makes sure to keep up to date with every innovation and technology, perform refreshers and participate in every professional conference that will enrich the basket of services and the knowledge passed on to the company's customers.

Planning complex communication systems

Fortinet setup, optimization, and control

Establishing Microsoft / Intune infrastructures

Gap analysis report

Management of complex IT and infrastructure projects


Immediate availability to receive a task/project/survey and answer to the authorities or reviewing bodies.


Tasks and projects will be carried out quickly according to need or priority without wasting time.


A team of experts is at your disposal for brainstorming and quick closing of the circle.


Costs are hundreds of percent cheaper than hiring a full-time Ciso, a recognized expense.


Dealing with the task and the results and not on what is beyond.

How to begin

Overview of information systems, computing, security, servers, and understanding the administrative need.

Preparing an annual work plan while focusing on needs, costs, and technology. Interfacing with the operational elements, choosing and building work procedures.

Creation of an ongoing enforcement and supervision mechanism adapted to the needs of the company vis-a-vis management, authorities, and external inspections.

We are committed to our customers for peace of mind, through a complete and professional IT system that specializes in consulting and setting up IT infrastructures, project management, cloud computing, setting up computing and communication systems, providing computing services to the business and institutional sector, setting up and managing communication infrastructures. Professionalism, meeting goals, availability, humanity. All these and more accompany us every day in our daily work with clients, project managers, contractors, company owners and more.