comprehensive IT & SECURITY
for an SMB / SME companies

The ideal MSP for TECH field

Whether you have an existing IT & SECURITY departments, or you want to improve your existing performance, our team of experts will provide you with an answer for every need.

Tailored IT & SECURITY team

We are at the forefront of technology and help companies in the leading sectors of the economy to focus on their business activities, with the possibility of operational flexibility in today's dynamic business world and on the other hand maintain information security and an uncompromising sense of service. The company's expertise and long-standing method allow customers to go to market quickly, for any service, process and project. From the start until today, accompanies, advises, and provides service to hundreds of startup companies, high-tech companies, finance, businesses and companies in the Israeli economy for success in the IT field.

We provide a comprehensive solution that combines a deep understanding of the organization's needs and processes – starting with characterization and consulting, through the procurement phase and choosing the right technologies, integration, and implementation of computer systems and processes, and up to ongoing comprehensive service at the business, on location or remotely. We provide a comprehensive computing solution, 360 for every need. Over the years we have developed a method, and we have gained a lot of experience in providing IT services and core processes, in which we understand what the customer really needs and where the challenges and difficulties are in managing IT in the organization.

שירותי מחשוב לעסקים - ELPC

Doing things differently - from a deep understanding of
Processes, belonging, and relationships of trust

Already upon receiving the client, we will carry out an orderly Onboarding process, according to a proven method in favor of professional proactive management focused on your needs, while taking into account the needs of the organization.

Regular controls and optimization

Managed information security services

Managed IT services

Ongoing pro-active management

Forming a work plan

Comprehensive risk survey

The real change starts now

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The technology

We bring with us the best leading systems in the market to provide a unique solution package for each client and project. The technology was chosen after conducting an internal POC that included tests, meeting goals, ease of implementation, response to regulation, the ability to provide the best of the product compared to cost, results in the field, simplicity of implementation, and a host of other elements.

שירותי מחשוב לעסקים - ELPC

Managed SecOPS services

You must have asked yourself which systems are required to be implemented, or which are recommended, and now that we have implemented them, who is going to manage, update, and sort them? We have the solution for you with a dedicated SecOPS department that will advise, supervise, and accompany you in all areas of information security and access to the organization.

PS Expert Services

ELPC Networks LTD is an IT services company that has been leading the field for 10 years, with the highest standards. Our PS team consists of qualified and skilled professionals, who have many years of experience in consulting, planning, and implementing advanced solutions in different environments.

Managed IT services

Today, for the benefit of IT management in a company, comprehensive knowledge of a variety of topics and technologies is required, as a long training time, and meeting goals - all this while developing a company can be difficult to impossible. That's why with us, a fast Go to Martker will be the perfect solution for every request, task, and ongoing project.

A variety of ENTERPRISE specialist services


Stable and secure communication is necessary for every company from the smallest to the largest, our communication department provides services to the best large companies in the economy on an ongoing basis and in projects and as an aid to existing departments to produce survivability, normal work in the network and assistance in handling network and communication faults as managed services. Whether it's wireless or local communication, we'll help you get the most out of it.


The world of IT is developing at an enormous speed, and organizations have difficulty keeping up with the current activity, due to a lack of blood power for these tasks. We provide experts for an ongoing and project-based service that bridges this gap and brings with it a fresh and professional breath of fresh air to every company without committing to paying huge salaries, training, and constant learning, a quick GO TO MARKET for every need will be met here and now.


In the last year we opened the DevOps department and today it provides services to over 100 different companies on special issues that require the intervention of an expert who knows the worlds of IT, QA, communication, and information security in such a way that he can create synergy between processes, lead complex projects and be there as a factor An expert for local teams that need assistance with advanced processes.


Information is one of the hot topics. It is important to know the computing assets that drive the information. Information security equipment, company employee practice, risk and strategy surveys, building security and defense systems, operations for the day after and more. A central component of the security field is the protection of information against unauthorized access to information. Take your data security into your own hands before someone else does.

The real change starts now

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Understand business, and work with people.

We believe that the operation of the IT system in the office should be carried out by professional and skilled teams and not take away from the working time of the office staff. IT services with an emphasis on the interpersonal relationship and belonging between the ELPC management team and the clients, guarantee service quality, belonging, and success. We advocate adopting a dedicated and tailor-made IT & SecOps solution for each client while looking at organizational technology.

Our highest value is service to the customer and human capital, first, we work with people, it is important for us to produce a common and uniform language, in which you will see us as a family, the ELPC LTD family. We provide computing solutions for businesses based on the idea of outsourcing the operation of the computing and communication systems in the company and leaving only the direct management of the core activities. This method allows the organization to focus on its field of expertise, invest the most resources in it, and release it from its obligation to handle business computing, thereby optimizing economic activity and business continuity.

SecOps & IT services are the basis for the success of any business. In recent years, the acceleration of the development of technology has brought about many changes among businesses. Our job is to create peace for you. To reach one goal – the success of your business running forward quietly. Our work includes mapping the entire computing system, implementing and creating procedures and work plans, ongoing maintenance, and especially IT optimization. Each team member works in his area of expertise and the combination of forces between the different departments creates a winning team of experts.

Committed to the success of our customers and committed to providing a true partnership over time. Every request receives personal care, without bureaucracy, while utilizing the full knowledge, experience, and resources at our disposal. We believe in providing a computing service that is measured not only in response time when there is a malfunction.